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Christopher Scanlon


Christopher Scanlon created Aurae Lifestyle because he wanted a membership program that celebrated individuality, legacy and personal success. Chris was fortunate enough to meet a number of successful individuals and he came across an interesting insight. All of their personal stories were unique, all of their lifestyles were bespoke; however, all of their credit & debit cards looked exactly the same.

Then the epiphany hit. Why not create a fully bespoke card program with comprehensive lifestyle management services and have the card elegantly celebrate an individual’s success and legacy? Taking it a step further - to really cement legacy, why not issue bespoke Mastercards made out of solid gold? After two years of product development, patents and numerous financial services approvals, Chris and his team created the Aurae Lifestyle Program. The world’s first bespoke lifestyle management and card membership program.

Chris takes personal pride in watching members experience their personal Aurae on a daily basis.

Prior to starting Aurae Lifestyle, Mr. Scanlon headed up Card Limited Corporation (CLC), a leading issuer of prepaid debit cards and innovative credit card solutions. Prior to CLC, he founded PMA Media Group, Inc an interactive marketing agency. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Scanlon has built and sold four other businesses in product distribution and fulfillment and interactive marketing. Mr. Scanlon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Utah Valley University and is a member of the Utah Jazz Advisory Board.

The ultimate symbol is gold
Throughout the history of mankind, gold has been the ultimate symbol of status, wealth and success. With an Aurae membership, individuals have the opportunity to cement their status as one of the world’s elite. Our members have access to the world’s most exclusive and sought after events, elite concierge and butler services and a dedicated team of global experts that cover 115 countries.

Terrence Thomas


Terrence Thomas has over twenty years of business experience in financial services, interactive marketing, education and as a naval officer. Mr. Thomas was asked by Mr. Scanlon to help him realize his vision of creating a card program that enabled members to celebrate their individual Aurae. He drew upon his previous leadership experience at two Fortune 500 banks to craft a program that would be revolutionary, not evolutionary. Prior to joining Aurae Lifestyle, Mr. Thomas was the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing Operations at Education Dynamics, the largest interactive marketing services company dedicated to higher education. Under his watch, the business grew from five million in revenue to over $200 million in revenue in a five year time frame.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Thomas was Vice President at Citibank (CitiCards) where he oversaw interactive customer acquisition and marketing several CitiCard portfolios worth close to $14B. He was also a product manager at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Mr. Thomas holds an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and is a former Naval Officer where he held the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Team Aurae
lifestyle experts
The Aurae team is comprised of lifestyle experts who have experienced the best the world has to offer in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our team is committed to delivering these experiences to you.
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